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I'm trying to integrate GForum and Community into my site.

I want to use several templates which are the same in each application. Rather than copying them so that each file is replicated in each application, I'd like one version of the file so that any updates are immediate in each application.

The way I'm thinking about doing this is making a new common_template directory and changing the .tplinfo file to point to this directory.

How can I link to this directory from each of the applications so that I can modify the templates in any application? Could I do this with symlinks?

Is this the best way to do this? Any comments?
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Re: [afinlr] Templates In reply to
On Unix, symlinks would be the best way (more or less).

Create the file, and use hard-links to the file -- that way the file won't be deleted until all pointers to are deleted.

You can edit the file with any of the applications, and changes will be immediately reflected in all applications.

This is much easier than trying to modify the various programs to do things that they weren't intended to.

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Re: [pugdog] Templates In reply to
Thanks a lot for the advice Pugdog.
I'll try this this afternoon.