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Template Globals url_images?

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Template Globals url_images?
I had not noticed until just now that uggrading to 2.0.4 resets all template globals to GT defaults. This means your site_title now reads "Links SQL" and your company is "Gossamer Threads Inc." until you go back and edit it.

Can someone tell me what the url_images field with a default entry of http://www.gossamer-threads.com/images/links-sql/ is for?

Mark Brasche
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Re: Template Globals url_images? In reply to

During install the program should either backup or skip your default templates folder. If you choose backup, you should see a default.bak directory which has your original globals.txt file there.

The url_images is for the default templates and is for displaying the standard Links SQL icon and Gossamer Threads image. You'll want to replace these with your own images of course.



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