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Template Design, CSS, HTML, Widgets and more.

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Template Design, CSS, HTML, Widgets and more.
While a lot of code, and globals, and such have been shared over the years, very few templates, template widgets, and design objects have been shared.


Is a site andy and I hoped would encourage more sharing, and it still can.

The new .css format is a prime opportunity to _really_ use the C in CSS eg: CASCADING to create inherentance in such a way that color themes, layout themes, and such can be shared.

I've been working on picking apart the new core.css, and trying to get a handle on .css, and I think I finally understand the fundamental concepts (which I need to do before I can even write a hello-world type program), and I'm now trying to figure out how to apply them, and get creative.

Browser issues are a real problem, but sometimes you just have to live with them.

In the rush to migrate to version 3.0, and upgrade sites, we should all try to get color themes and schemes pulled out of the CSS, so that with the edit of a simple file, global color changes can be made.

In GForum for instance, they use tags like <%light_green%>, which, while ok, for naming colors, would have been better named <%primary_theme_color%>, or <%secondary_accent_theme_color%> so that it could be edited to change areas of the site color, rather than how it's set up now.

In many of my Links SQL 1.1x sites, I used color tags <%color1%>, <%color2%> etc to build the site.

With, css, this can be embedded into the styles.

Right now, color and layout, style and format are mixed up in the .css (as near as I can tell). Pulling out color information, so that the same layout/format could be used, but themes changed for seasons, holidays, etc would be a great step.

If I'm not mistaken, the color attributes can be overwritten as part of the cascade, without affecting other attributes or styles.

Has anyone else wished for / wanted this ??

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