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Synchronising with PHP Nuke User database

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Synchronising with PHP Nuke User database
I'm looking to synchronise / integrate the LSQL db with the phpNuke db (http://www.phpnuke.org), which uses mysql. A really easy way to do it would be to rename the Links SQL database to the same values as phpNuke, because the PhpNuke db table names are hardcoded. I don't think is really viable though. However, I'm not a programmer and I can't really tell. Does anyone have any ideas on how to synchronise the two?

What I aim to achieve by doing this is enable a user registered in phpnuke to have privileges in lsql, and more importantly, enable a lsql user to access the forums, comments system etc of phpnuke.

The icing on the cake would be if i could display the number of links that a user has added, and use the lsql comments system when it arrives.

Thanks for reading.


The phpnuke user db structure follows:

uid int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment,
name varchar(60) NOT NULL,
uname varchar(25) NOT NULL,
email varchar(60) NOT NULL,
femail varchar(60) NOT NULL,
url varchar(100) NOT NULL,
user_avatar varchar(30),
user_regdate varchar(20) NOT NULL,
user_icq varchar(15),
user_occ varchar(100),
user_from varchar(100),
user_intrest varchar(150),
user_sig varchar(255),
user_viewemail tinyint(2),
user_theme int(3),
user_aim varchar(18),
user_yim varchar(25),
user_msnm varchar(25),
pass varchar(40) NOT NULL,
storynum tinyint(4) DEFAULT '10' NOT NULL,
umode varchar(10) NOT NULL,
uorder tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
thold tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
noscore tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
bio tinytext NOT NULL,
ublockon tinyint(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
ublock tinytext NOT NULL,
theme varchar(255) NOT NULL,
commentmax int(11) DEFAULT '4096' NOT NULL,
counter int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
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Re: Synchronising with PHP Nuke User database In reply to
The better approach is to modify the Users table to match the PHPNuke structure, then simply change the configs in PHPNuke to point to the LINKS SQL Users table rather than using two databases.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Synchronising with PHP Nuke User database In reply to
That should be really simple. Thanks for your help Eliot.

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Re: Synchronising with PHP Nuke User database In reply to
You're welcome.


Eliot Lee