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Switching templates by parameter ??

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Switching templates by parameter ??

is it possible to change the template by parameters, for example if I click the link
....search.cgi?template=default&... I want to see the results in the default-Style and if I use
....search.cgi?template=myTemplate&... I will see the results in the design of myTemplate??

Which parameter shall I take instead of "template"?? Is it possible??

Thanks for helping,
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Re: [tga] Switching templates by parameter ?? In reply to
Nice an easy :)

page.cgi?t=template_set_name;d=1 ===> /local/templates/template_set_name/home.html

page.cgit=template_set_name;d=1;p=something ===>

Hope that helps Smile


Andy (mod)
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