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Suggestion for future version?

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Suggestion for future version?
I found that my site was getting slow and on investigating I found that my slow queries log included a lot of searches that did not seem to be taking any notice of my weights - in fact they did not seem to be using internal indexing at all.

So, I looked in the search files and found that there was a limit to the number of results, after which NONINDEXED was used. As well as taking ages to do the search, this was also producing irrelevant results.

I have greatly improved the performance of my site by raising this limit.

However, I don't really want nonindexed results to appear ever - I would much rather that a message was returned saying something like: these terms have produced too many results, please refine your search.

It would be good to have the limit as an option in setup - a low limit is fine for small databases but as the size of the database increases I think it needs to increase.