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Suggestion a new category

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Suggestion a new category
Hi All,

I'd like to add a new form field to allow people to suggest a new category if they can't find a suitable one, and have it displayed on the 'validate' screen.

I know this has been discussed in Linksql. my question is it's easy to implement this in NG?



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Re: Suggestion a new category In reply to
It is easy...all you have to do is ADD an input field in your add.html and add_error.html field.

Then edit the sub send_email routine in the add.cgi to include the suggested category field. Now, if you want to add this to a Validate_Category table, it would be a bit more involved, but you could simply write an UPDATE MySQL command that inserts the Suggested Category into a Validate_Category table.

Good Luck!


Eliot Lee