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Re: [pugdog] LSQL features & upgrade compatibility In reply to
Could be very useful - even things like "bold" search query - if you wanted to change appearance or something. Any plans om making it for available for sale/download?


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Re: [pugdog] LSQL features & upgrade compatibility In reply to
There are so many cool things that can be done, but the mindset of *having* to use a plugin to do it, seems to be slowing the development of these cool things
Unfortunately yes, the need to develop a plugin (to keep LSQL upgrade compatible), instead of changing directly in the core code is slowing the development.
But this is what we wanted. A fixed core code, which can be easily enhanced, while maintaining upgrade compatibility.
Furthermore that's why the globals are, to avoid the need of a plugin for smaller things.

BTW: installer part of a plugin, is also very resource needed development phase. If you write an advanced installer (which automates all required changes), it takes almost 50% of the full development process.

Plugins are a great way to exend Links, but sometimes modifying it is easier via a code change.
If I would edit directly the core code as I did in Links 2.0, my LSQL site would have been already online since 1 year ago. But that way, that I need to create plugins to enhance LSQL features, yes the development is slower.

It would be really easy to modify Links::Build::build_category. Just a few line changes and improvement was finished quickly.
But it's not the solution, so I will keep developing plugins & globals, because that's the most correct way currently known (even if developing a plugin, is slower than hacking core code).

I'm trying to get around it by creating something that will manage tiny code snippets, and insert them into a larger "plugin" without the need to write a plugin each time.
Interesting idea. I would be curious what can do you get out from that idea.
Well, my Xtended Link Display plugin is something similar, where I add a lot small & big features into the plugin.
Please keep me informed with your experience in that subject.

Best regards,

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Re: [klauslovgreen] LSQL features & upgrade compatibility In reply to
My problem, and it's one I'm working hard to overcome, (besides all the setbacks, lost code, re-dos, etc) is a massive depression (due to the lost codes, setbacks and redos') compounded by a realization I *hate* writing plugins, mainly because I spend 3x as much time in the Installer routines as I do writing the code, and to make changes to hooks or functions, you have to uninstall, and reinstall, and errors get introduced (you can't edit the .tar code once it's installed).

I've gone back to just writing code, and if, at some time it's ready, I'll try to package it into a plugin, or give it to someone who can.

Most of my simple code has been fixed up, except for the installer. I'm almost ready with a simple image/attachment manager, but again, the installer (and final logic for how to store files) is driving me nuts. I used a different system than Ivan, managing attachments to the links as a completely separate thing, not part of the "admin" area, so I didn't have any of the problems of temporary storage of link updates, and such. If I can figure out how to tap into the admin and browser, so that if a link "hasAttachments" a link is displayed under the "hasAttachments" field so you can edit/modify/approve them, I can probably release it as a semi-plugin for advanced users.

This is one thing I never got into. My management was through the add, modify and an admin-callable "validate attachments" page, all from inside the main site (using ID/passwords/Status).

This is the program that also thumbnails, resizes, rotates, adds drop shadows, etc (via netpbm) and can display your photo galleries as thumbnail/slide pages using three-piece templates. There is probably a better way, if I thought of it, but I haven't had the time.

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Re: [pugdog] Subcategory.html In reply to
Old problem, new solution...
Here is the complete code for proper table width:

sub site_html_print_cat {
# --------------------------------------------------------
# This routine prints out a list of categories.
my $subcat = shift;
my $parent_cat = shift @$subcat;
#my $breakpoint = int (($#{$subcat}+1) / $CFG->{build_category_columns}) + ( (($#{$subcat}+1) % $CFG->{build_category_columns}) ? 1 : 0);

my $breakpoint;
if (exists $parent_cat->{Name}) {
$breakpoint = int (($#{$subcat}+1) / $CFG->{build_category_columns}) + ( (($#{$subcat}+1) % $CFG->{build_category_columns}) ? 1 : 0);
} else {
$breakpoint = int (($#{$subcat}+1) / 3 ) + ( (($#{$subcat}+1) % 3 ) ? 1 : 0);

my $table_head = $CFG->{build_category_table} || '';
#my $width = int (100 / $CFG->{build_category_columns});

my $width;
if (exists $parent_cat->{Name}) {
$width = int (100 / $CFG->{build_category_columns});
} else {
$width = int (100 / 3);

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