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Strange Link ID behaviour

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Strange Link ID behaviour

As I know LINK ID (in mySQL table) field is AutoNumber, right?

How could then one link with add date 05-05-2005 have ID 2444 and one with add date 04-04-2005 have ID 2445 (or some greate number then 2444).
(numbers are only for example)

That happen to me today. One link was added today, but it got ID number much lower then last link in database. Also, when user added this link, no notification e-mail was sent to admin...

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Re: [deadroot] Strange Link ID behaviour In reply to
Ok, there are a few ways that could happen, if links were inserted, via an import command, where the autoincrement field was specified, not generated with a null/?/or empty value.

It should only happen once, theoretically. Actually, it shouldn't happen, but it could. Was more than one link inserted with a "lower" number, or just that one?

It's possible if the counter got reset, that it will provide the first empty number, but it _should_ provide the next highest. If the counter is set below the import, it's possible that you'd get a lower value, but it's not supposed to happen.

If you _set_ the ID, and the value is empty, it will insert that record with that value. If the ID exists, you'll get an error.

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