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I found a runaway httpd process on my server this morning and restarting apache didn't kill it so I used kill -9 pid which killed the process (and apache) so I tried to restart and a ps aux showed no apache processes so I checked my log and saw:

Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to port 443

This has never happened before and the only thing I can see that is different to normal is that one of the people on my server is using the GT spider. Could the spider be using port 443 or is it totally unrelated to the spider?
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Re: [Paul] Spider In reply to
Ok whilst I was investigating this problem I found the spider had core dumped in the admin/Plugins/Spider directory Frown
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Re: [Paul] Spider In reply to

No, the spider binds to port 7890 to receive status updates. 443 is SSL port. A lot of web based admin's listen on that port, possibly something there?


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Re: [Alex] Spider In reply to
Oops sorry I forgot to repost. I fixed that other problem. It was caused by some apache processes not fully exiting when I did the kill.

Interested to know about the core dump though?