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One way to stop automated submissions is through captcha's. Unfortunately, Gossamer Links currently does not have built in support for captchas, but it is on our todo list.

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Re: [brewt] Spam Entries In reply to
... could you be more precise? I really cannot complain about gossamer links ... if there wasn't this one, but really annoying problem. And: Even some open source application use captchas ... I am seriously thinking about buying another software - sorry, but "itīs on our todo list" does not help me very much.

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Re: [mik] Spam Entries In reply to
I am currently implementing Akismet spam filtering into my trackback/pingback plugin for Links. Akismet was intended for blogs to stop comment/trackback spam, but I've read of people using it for forum spam and link submissions.

have a look at:

To trap flagged spam submissions, you want to use a hook on user_add_link.

If this suits you're needs but are not able to do this yourself, I'd be more than glad to work on a plugin for this when I finish my trackback/pingback plugin (probably August).

Limecat is not pleased.
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Re: [fuzzy logic] Spam Entries In reply to
Were you able to finish the plugin??
I need help to stop spam submissions for gossamer Links Version: 2.0
Please let me know.

Thank you!

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Re: [igallery] Spam Entries In reply to
Since to develop a plugin is something that requires a long learning curve (at least for me, since I have to be very familiar with the GL syntax) one thing I'm doing is to develop a complete new Add.pm as follow:

1. Added a multipart form to avoid bot submitions (step 1, 2...);

2. Created an Add_temp database where to handle the submitions (simple copy of Links DB);

3. Form check for URL, EMAIL, JavaScript and HTML in description field;

4. Implemented CAPTCHA;

5. After submition, if all matches my security measures, the Add.pm copy the submition Add_temp DB to Links DB.

What happens in the middle?

Well, the part 1 of the form creates the unique ID and uses a hidden input with that ID scrambled witch turns almost impossible to someone to guess it and do not proceed further if the DB doesn't have the previous steps entered.
Theorically there is no way to computer submition nor extraneous code inside.
If your site is specific to an area or market, banned words can be implemented to check Title and Description (such viagra, pharmacy and its variants).

SPAM is very hard to avoid so there is no easy or canned solution; it always requires imagination as big as the spammer have (and hard labor on coding too).

Anyone interested on help to develop a new Add.pm for all GL users?

Blondies can have brains (sometimes...)
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