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Something's Gone Wrong! Error Message

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Something's Gone Wrong! Error Message
Hi, I'm getting "Something's Gone Wrong!" with everything I try and do anything on Gossamer Links backend. Nothing has changed as far as I know (unless the host has changed something beyond my control). Any ideas please?
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Re: [Jez] Something's Gone Wrong! Error Message In reply to
Try running it via SSH / Telnet.

Its most likely:

1) Your server admin has updated Apache etc, and its broken stuff
2) Somethings got deleted by accident

The most likely cause is #1 ... so I would try and access page.cgi, and if that fails (and you don't have access to SSH/Telnet), then get onto your host... as they should be able to debug it via SSH (and at least see any errors)

Hope that helps!


Andy (mod)
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