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Slow Server

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Slow Server
Hi all,

Im suddenly having slowness problems. Host is Godaddy virtual dedicated. 256 ram, 1 gig burst. Pages are static. About 200 detaled pages built. Each detailed page has thumbnails via jump linked to a large pic via jump as well. Getting about 300 uniques daily. Each viewing 7 pages on average.

I dont think LSQL is to blame, but what could be causing the problem? Could it be the "large" number of jump.cgi calls every time? Server is aparently doing just fine. Im on a 3 mbit line (at work). Pages take for ever to load... and not at peak times either, its general. Total bandwidth is around 1 gig daily. Got videos and such, but godaddy says I have 500 gig transfer limit.

Could it be apache configuration? I know the host is cheap and medium ranked, but having a slowness problem with only 300 uniques makes you wonder...

Any ideas?

By the way, looking all over the lsql, I see the following: (everything is aparently working fine)

Links (17507): Links::environment called at GT::Template::_call_func line 737 with arguments
Links (17507): GT::Template::_call_func called at /home/httpd/vhosts/....com/cgi-bin/.../admin/templates/admin/compiled/setup_env.html.compiled line 261 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x826f52c), Links::environment, 0).
Links (17507): GT::Template::parsed_template called at /home/httpd/vhosts/....com/cgi-bin/.../admin/GT/Template.pm line 525 with arguments
Links (17507): GT::Template::_parse called at /home/httpd/vhosts/....com/cgi-bin/.../admin/GT/Template.pm line 139 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x826f52c), setup_env.html, HASH(0x826f3d0)).
Links (17507): GT::Template::parse called at Links::admin_page line 305 with arguments
(GT::Template, setup_env.html, ARRAY(0x8266614), HASH(0x826f3d0)).
Links (17507): Links::admin_page called at admin.cgi line 50 with no arguments.
Links (17507): main::main called at admin.cgi line 24 with no arguments.

Current user: ... (10017)
Perl version: 5.8.0
Gossamer Links version: 3.0.4
GT::Template version: 2.142
Running under mod_perl: No
Running under SpeedyCGI: No
@INC =

Also and I dont know if its related, in the admin panel, I have a large Description field. This field sometimes does not display all of its contents, same thing happens with the templates. Problem being, last night I edited a header on the detailed template. Saved it. Only to find out it had cut off half the page.

Any ideas on this??

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Juan Carlos