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Site rebuilds, and set up

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Site rebuilds, and set up
About 3 weeks ago, on top of everything else going on, my server died, hardware failure. The backups that were supposed to be there weren't, and disk recovery failed.

Well, I now have an operational machine, and an empty 18 gig harddrive where my servers used to be.

I have a collection of off-line backups, that span the 2 years, and maybe as many 150 CD ROM's.

So, I'm in reconstruction/rebuilding state of all the servers.

I have two servers I need to try to revive quickly, just to access the data. After that, I will start to try to rebuild our main server -- Postcards.com. I figure it will be a long process, perhaps as much as a couple of weeks, not counting the "new" features. It all has to be backwards compatible to our old data. It was a 2 year old server, and I from experience I don't expect it to just spring to life again without problems. <sigh>.

During the rebuild, I will be adding in the image upload and other features that were discussed here over the past few months, or more. In order to rebuild my servers, I have to have many of these features, or it will take another 2 years to create.

I will also be going over the documentation to make sure it all jives with the new install.

Any "problems" you have encountered, please point out, and I'll try to see how it all fits together.

I'm actually rebuilding the servers from scratch, the only difference is my past experience, and that I have some guidelines and files (templates) already done. I should (in theory) hit the same problems that plague people in setting up sites, but due to having done it time and again, maybe I won't. :)

Hopefully, in the process, I will move all my mods to 2.1, finish the 2.1 of the image upload, and get the postcards module finished in a plugin format.

The FAQ site is off line, for now, but I will be making notes to add in to it, once I get a working 2.1 template site built. I don't see it getting back on line before the end of January.

Anyway, that's the update. I keep taking the punches, but I keep getting up. Hopefully, there is going to be an end to this, and it will all go back to "normal", whatever that is/was.

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