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SignUpCaptcha and LoginSecurityImage Plugins

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SignUpCaptcha and LoginSecurityImage Plugins
we have the same issue as many others, getting a lot of bogus users and links to be validated/deleted.

I see UltraNerds has two Plugins SignupCaptcha and LoginSecurityImage, is one preferred over the other to solve this problem?

Does the required ImageMagick software come with the plugin or does it need to be installed separately?


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Re: [Joyce&Thad] SignUpCaptcha and LoginSecurityImage Plugins In reply to

Yeah, spammers are a right PITA :(

TBH, you can never have too much spam protection! The more advanced ones have ways of answering the CAPTCHA codes anyway. One of the ways I got around this on my own sites, is with:


With this plugin, you can define as many questions as you want. If they get the answer wrong, it'll give an error. Obviously some people can answer the same question in different ways, so there is the option for giving multiple variations of the answer)

I find this actually works better than the CAPTCHA ones now, so it may be worth having a look at that first (as it doesn't require any additional modules / ImageMagick etc)


Andy (mod)
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