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I posted a similar question some days ago.. I'am very sorry about this.

But now I hope, I can show better, what I meant.

Perhaps you can have a look at this page:

This is the starting-page and it has some subcategories as "Kurpension" and "Landhaus", which are listed in the header and on the left side. If I click on one of the subcategories and go to the subcategorie-page, the same header and the same left-bar should be shown like in the starting-page.

I don't think, that the yahoo-subcats-plugin can be used for this, can it?

Perhaps the category-sidebar, as somebody told me last time. But the description for this, I found at this forum,
is for version 1.x and uses files, which do not exist in the newer versions (HTML_Templates.pm). Or am I wrong with this, I haven't found this file?

I'm very sorry, if I am getting on your nerves...

Thanks for helping, Tina