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Shorter, quicker validation process page

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Shorter, quicker validation process page
I have tons of ideas today... Smile

Talking about validation of tons of links... wouldn't it be easier to have a SHORTER version for each link to validate? with only the very important fields you need to see when you validate in bulk?

For me it would be very handy not to have to scroll and scroll and scroll just to validate 5 links per page... I would like to see the validation list more like like that:

ID 26868
Title : Residence Les Hauts Du Brouennou
URL : http://www.perso.com/ (view)
Description : Jolie villa avec une VUE MER, en BRETAGNE, seulement 600m des plages de sable fin et blanc, accessible par un petit chemin creux.
Contact Email : asdfadsfs@adfsfddfs.com
Categorie: Voyages/Stations de ski/France (change)

[ ] Awaiting Payment
[ ] Payment Required

[ ] Do nothing
[ ] Validate
[ ] Delete without reason

or even better like it is available in the browser mode but with additional fields for each link showing url/email/description etc... more/less like an excel sheet.

what do you think?

Thanks for your input.
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Re: [factures] Shorter, quicker validation process page In reply to
I agree with this- I would be good if we could have a short version/long version option when displaying the records in admin.