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Shared User Database

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Shared User Database
Would it be possible to buy 2 copies of lsql for 2 different sections of a single site (like news features and links for example) and then hack it so that they shared the same user db?

If so, how would a non-perl guru approach it?

Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

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I don't think that you would need to separate licenses...all you need to do is create additional tables in your MySQL databases via the MySQLMan built-in application.

Then copy existing scripts, like add.cgi and modify.cgi and re-name to something else like addnews.cgi and modifynews.cgi. Then edit the DBSQL objects within the scripts to reference the "News" table.

Then copy existing template files, like add.html and change the form action references and also edit the form fields to what you have in the "News" table.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Shared User Database In reply to
I think Eliot's answer is most correct, since two copies of links would entail two user databases, and never the twain shall meet.

WIth each release ALex has added in more flexibility (even if it's been somewhat hidden) for multiple record types. The only feature truly missing at this point, is the ability to use a different database table in each topic, rather than just a template/template-set.

This is high on my list.

It's something that will be a part of the image gallery plug-in I'm working on, but only in a very restricted form. I don't want to (like to) make central changes to Links, since they would be non-portable across versions, and both my efforts, and the Links program are still in a state of flux and development.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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Re: Shared User Database In reply to
Thanks for your help Anthrorules.

I think I can see how it works, with the creation of the news table and all.

My only concern is how to get the news included with all the other links logic like:
- including news in the category heirachy
- getting the news tagged as "new", "popular", and doing the ratings
- creating a top rated and popular page (sql query?)
- searching. (most important part). (how do you get the searches to run so that a search in the link section doesn't turn up news, and vica-versa, whilst still retaining the functionality like "search only below this category". )

If it's too messy, I might be tempted to go for the two copies option, though i'd prefer not to. Again, thanks for your help.

Pugdog - If you ever create a plugin to facilitate the multiple record types, I'd be one of the first to snap it up :). I gather from your posts that two copies would mean two user db's - is there no way to point them both at the same user db?