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Share experiences with registered users
Question for Links SQL owners... What has your experience been with link owners logging in to submit links or modifications?

I'm setting up my site (a stripped down regional portal - no ratings or reviews - just links) and am concerned about presenting too many hurdles for people who want to add a link. e.g., requiring users to login to submit or modify links may be too much trouble for the *average* person (e.g., non-savvy folk... the type of people who don't know how to submit their sites to search engines).

Also, I will be heavily editing submitted link descriptions and worry that if I provide a "modify a link" form, I may be implying the link owners have more input into their link descriptions than they really do. Allowing modify requests may become more trouble than it's worth.

Anyone care to share their experiences with a tightly controlled site?
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Re: [schonchin] Share experiences with registered users In reply to
We have an normal search-engine with about 30 to 60 new links a day;
from this we validate only about 10%.

We have no hurdles; but we want them to separate extra keywords by space instead of comma.
90% are to stupid to do this;

To modify their link, they use their ID and a password; to get ID and passwort they could enter their mail-address;
but we got only one or two modifications a month while we have a about 5000 proofed links inside.

I think, if u want so many links as possible forget the user-validation;
if you want quality-links from people acting serious, know what they do (and maybe with a site still standing the next month or years) then use it. Else you will get a a lot of one-day-sites, too.
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Re: [schonchin] Share experiences with registered users In reply to
To many hurdles could be a problem for some users, but then it's up to you how many you provide.

We use a random code with a time stamp that goes with each new submission. When a user initiates an update, they are required to enter this code and email which we match against the original record. This works well and bypasses the built in authentication system allowing new submitters to submit/update sites quickly and simply.

This is the great advantage of the Links architecture in that it's very flexible in what you want from it. We have 100,000 listings so the need for efficiency both for us and our customers is paramount.


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