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Setting up Link SQL 1.2

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Setting up Link SQL 1.2

Is there a simplified procedure for setting up the new databases (ie: an import process?)

What sort of conversion has to be done on the Links and Categories tables to get them to work with the new version. I'd like to start working with some bulk data to see how things go :)

I have not tried the import data over, but have played with some of the new features, and can see the java applet (javascript?) is going to be neat, but it will have some problems..... the 'move' catagory is similar to an OLE , meaning you have to drag/drop (click old / click new) and that might get confusing on deep trees. It would be better to have a popup with a 'move to' (the old link is moved_to the new location, and the old window is updated when the move_to window is closed).

I don't do much of this sort of programming, but I can see this as a potential problem (that may be being addressed).

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/