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Server change errors

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Server change errors
Andy recently helped me move one of my sites to another server.

This is the second time he does this and would like to say everything went smooth. Thanks Andy.

But in this latest move Ive ran into a little problem which I cannot put my finger on and perhpas someone has seen this error before.

Some admin templetes do no show up and give me a 404.
The off thing is that its some and not all.

For example, if I try to use the add password link from the home in the admin (only used once but since the server changed I used it again) the link is a 404.
If I modify a link (dynamic mode) and that link has been accesed while modifing it, it sends me to the 404 page.

All templetes are there. the paths are ok. and it only happens in a few places, not random.

Any clues?

Juan Carlos
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Re: [Gorospe] Server change errors In reply to
Shoot over GLinks admin details + FTP, and I'll take a quick look for ya. Not 100% sure what the problem is, but seeing it in action will probably help :)


Andy (mod)
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