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Searchlogger plugin Question

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Searchlogger plugin Question
I installed SearchLogger when I installed Links sql in 2004. Now I am updating the plugins, Searchlogger showing 2004 search terms. I uninstalled it.
Now I am trying to install it again, it showing a screen. (Attached). What I have to enter?

Please help.
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Re: [hegu] Searchlogger plugin Question In reply to
Hi hegu,

If you're using the glinks 3.0 or higher than search logging is built in.

go to Setup->Search Options.

The 6th variable is "Search Logging" - set it to yes.
disable your plugin.

I haven't found that the built in search logger is compatible with the original plugin. I believe they use different field names and I haven't had any success importing without a bunch of work. I just start over with clean table.

hope that helps.