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Search with Categories

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Search with Categories

Is there any way that anyone knows of to be able to do a search by category id numbers to find a link that is within several categories as defined by the user? For example if a link is in category numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 is there a way to create a search form that would generate something like:


and that would return the link, but a search on:


wouldn't return it, because the link is not in category 2?

In other words, is there anyway to do a search by more than one ID number or category names using search.cgi?

This would really solve a big challenge for me, if anyone has any insights...


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Re: [rover] Search with Categories In reply to

I'am interested in this topic too.
I want to restrict the search results in different layouts by a hidden field "catid" with more then one value.
For instance: In layout 1 the user should be able to search in category 20 and 30, in layout 2 only in 30 and 35.

Can I give the field "catid" more then one value?


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Re: [steve04] Search with Categories In reply to

I have some modification for this. If you interest please send private message.