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Search bug?

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Search bug?
I have a category:subcat called Hiking:Asia. When I search for 'hiking', it returns the hiking category, but when I search for 'hiking asia', I get no results. Why won't it return results from subcats?

Also, if I search for 'hiking thailand', I also get no results, even though I have lots of links in Hiking:Asia that have 'thailand' in the description. Shouldn't it be able to find one of the search terms in the category name and the other term in the link description?

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Re: [cco] Search bug? In reply to
Try just searching for asia OR hiking

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PaulWilson: Sep 12, 2001, 7:41 AM
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Re: [PaulWilson] Search bug? In reply to
Thanks Paul, but I want to find any record that contains both asia and hiking, not asia or hiking. I've got my search options set for 'And'. If I search using 'Or', the results are too numerous to be useful.
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Re: [cco] Search bug? In reply to

Categories and links are not mixed when searching, as obviously if you searched for 'hiking' you wouldn't want to see all links in a category called 'hiking', you only want to see the category.

The other issue is only the last part of the category name is indexed, so a search for asia hiking would not match the category 'Asia/Hiking'. The reason for this is so if you search for 'Asia' you don't pull up the entire list of categories underneath Asia.

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Re: [cco] Search bug? In reply to
Your way around this would be to add a "keyword" field to the Category table, and put in the keywords you want the category to come up under (weight and re-index it).

Or, make sure each category has META data, that you search, or a description.

But, remember, as Alex said, you might find you get long lists of categories returned, which are not truly relevant to the users search, and which make the search somewhat useless.

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