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Search & Subcategories

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Search & Subcategories
When searching a top level category specifically, is there a way to include all the subcategories from this top level, or does this do that by default. For example:

Search in cars and below: search.cgi?query=oil&catid=123

--- parts
--- accessories
--- tires

needs to search all the subcategories as well as 'cars'.


[sorry if answered before!]

ATEX 100
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Re: [AteX] Search & Subcategories In reply to
Although I don't use categories in such a way, I'm pretty sure that a search under an ID number of a category will also search all those sub categories under this main category.

If your setting up a harcoded search select which I think you are by your post, you can limit the search to that category and those underneath with:

<option value="ID_NUMBER_HERE">cars</option>
<option value="ID_NUMBER_HERE">bikes</option>

and also offer a full database search with:

<option selected value="0">All Database</option>

with the "0" meaning the base level that all categories live under.


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