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Search Results.


I have a problem with my search results that probably has a simple answer (i hope).

I have set in admin/setup/search options the option "Build_search_gb" to no. This way the results that display after a keyword search should not be displayed by categories (this is what i understand this option is for).

My problem is that although the search results donīt show the links divided by categories, the links are sorted first by the category alphabetically & then inside each category by score.

For good search results we would need the links to be sorted only by score, ignoring which category they belong to...

Right now if i make a keyword search and a link underneath a category that starts with a "c" for example has a better score than a link that is under the category "a", the link under category "c" will display further down the result page than the link with worse score but under a better category alphabetically.

Thank you for your help,

Best Regards, Ross.