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SQLWidgets - Editors Required

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SQLWidgets - Editors Required
Hi. I am just having a look for people who may be interested in helping pugdog, and myself, with keeping SQLWidgets.com up-to-date. It just wouldn't be very up-to-date if we had to do the updates outselves Wink (due to the amount of updates that will probably need doing).

I've got it setup so that 'anon' users can add resources, and I've got most of the categories setup too. I literally just need a couple of people, who have an interest in the LinksSQL/GForum/GCommunity side of things.

The site will consist of 'Plugins', 'Globals' and 'Hacks', divided up into appropriate categories.

We basically need people to add links/categories. I can get the build all setup on a cron, so you wouldn't need to worry about that.

If you are interested in helping, please let me know via PM, or email andy@ultranerds.com .

I know lots of sites have been around like this before, but I'm *really* hoping that this one will be a success :)


Andy (mod)
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