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Reviews by editors

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Reviews by editors
Is it possible to restrict reviews addition to editors only?
It could be possible to show the review link to users with editor status only, but if someone goes to the review url directly there is no restriction to add a review.
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Re: [Taki-x] Reviews by editors In reply to
I am sure there are going to be more than one ways of doing this, however the first and easiest way that comes in my mind is:

1) Create a new ENUM table/field under user properties like isEditor Yes/No (defult to No)
2) For users who are editors set them to Yes.
3) In the templates you can set tag like <%if isEditor eq 'Yes'%>Review addition form here<%else%>Sorry only editors can add reviews<%endif%>

Hope this helps.


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Re: [SWDevil.Com] Reviews by editors In reply to
Thank you for the reply.

Actually the code is in the templates (I should have seen the solution before posting):

<%if Links::Utils::is_editor%>

review add form


Only editors can post reviews