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Revenue enhancing tip

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Revenue enhancing tip
When I visit a directory website and they ask me to pay for a listing I all ways look at the URL and you get and whether it is useful in terms of passing PageRank (Google).

Most perl based URLs such as 'jump.cgi' do not pass PR and so I am put off from spending by pennies on sites which use this method of listing. However, I think webmasters of these sites could do themselves a favour by adding the following code to the anchor tag:


onmouseover="window.status='<%URL%>';return true;"
onmouseout="window.status=' ';return true;"

To the amateur it looks like the directory is giving you a normal hyperlink when in fact it isn't. This trick is also good to hide affiliate tracking code in URLS.

Hope this tip helps someone!


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Re: [IndigoClothing] Revenue enhancing tip In reply to
One reason I use jump.cgi is to hide links from stealing. Using this code is nice but will expose urls which can be parsed if someone download the page.

BTW, one question is how can I prevent mass downloading of static pages.

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Re: [long327] Revenue enhancing tip In reply to
In short, you can't.

The only solution you can try is using rewrite rules and referrer checking, but most mass downloaders spoof the referrer for just this reason. The same sort of tricks that are used to prevent bandwidth theft or image hijacking, but they don't PREVENT downloading, just annoy the downloader <G>

Any open website is vulnerable to an attack, by the nature of the system.

Using some complex behind the scenes coding, you could limit the number of page hits any IP can get per unity time, but even that is not a real block to a determined downloader.

They just put the spider on "slow" and have it make one request every 30 seconds, and while it will take them a long time to get what they want, in a few days you can spider even very large sites. Trying to restric hits too much will block legitimate users of the site and create other "friendliness" problems.

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