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Restoring from Backup Problems

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Restoring from Backup Problems

Tried to upgrade to 2.03, and have been haveing major problems, so I thought I would do a clean install. I backed up my data, and clean installed. I have a LOT of custom fields, so I put in my old Links.def file so the fields would all be there, and then started the import...

Category and CatLinks went fine, but when I get to Links, I get this error:

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A fatal error has occured:execute called with 37 bind variables when 17 are needed at /home/c/cartoon/public_html/bcdb/admin/Links/Import/BKS2.pm line 167, chunk 1258.

That can I do? I am down until I get this fixed!


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What I would do is install Links SQL and when entering in the SQL info, put where you current data is, but make sure overwrite is not selected.

Then go to Links->Properties->Resync Def and it will put your custom fields back into Links SQL.

Hope that helps,


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