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Restoring backup Links SQL

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Restoring backup Links SQL

We have just changed servers and I have installed the program on the new server, I am trying to do a back up, but I am not doing it correctly. Can you please guide me how do I get the enclosed file backed up.

The file was in my C drive, I transfered it to the place where I used to back up before (i.e. /html/cgi-bin/portal/admin/admin/Links/Import/S3BK.pm)

However when I type the above location to restore the back up, it says that the file does not exist.

When I tried to do a back of what is there right now, it gives me the below path where the back up should go to. So to my understanding below is where future back ups will be done, therefore I should place my old back up in the same folder and then retreive it, except it does not tally with my directory information as per my FTP


I am quite confused, please enlighten me.