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Restore a Category

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Restore a Category
I have accidentally deleted one category from my list (thought I was deleting one entry....)

I have a backup from yesterday's build.

Is it possible to restore just one category? Can anyone tell me how!

Our site is static so I still see the links (616!) is there a way to recover them from there (other than cut and paste)
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Re: [Joyce&Thad] Restore a Category In reply to

Unfortunately, there is no way to just restore one category. The only slight possibility of getting that data back, would be to setup a blank install of GLinks, and restore it to that. Then, you have access to all the data to copy back into your other install (the only downside, is the link ID's wont match up - but its better than having missing data)

Sorry I wasn't the bearer of better news!

If you have not had lots of new links recently, it may be better to restore the whole thing - and just re-add the new ones that were added (just be sure to back those up as well!)


Andy (mod)
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