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Required Perl Modules?

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Required Perl Modules?
I'm in the process of migrating a couple of installs of glinks 2 and 3 to a new server. I've managed to get the admin section and the search function working, so I'm not missing ALL the modules, but add.cgi is not displaying properly and I can't see any error helpful errors

So, which perl modules are required?

Are there any known issues with MySQL 5?

Thanks in advance

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Re: [blacknight] Required Perl Modules? In reply to
Apart from the default modules that come with Perl, just DBI and the appropriate DBD module. All other modules should be optional.

There are no known issues with MySQL 5.

Things to check for your add.cgi:
- correct admin paths in use lib and init()
- correct permissions (user [if your server requires it] and execute permissions)
- for *nix system, is the add.cgi using dos line feeds?
- is the path to perl at the top of the file correct?