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Renewal payment

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Renewal payment
I have setup my payment option like this.

Initial Terms:
$20.00 1 Week
$70.00 1 Month
$650.00 1 Year

Renewal Terms:
$15.00 1 Week
$50.00 1 Month
$600.00 1 Year

Now, I have one link which has been paid for 1 Week (Expiration date for payment of that link was 21. January 2008.)

Today I user is going to pay for that link he has option for Renewal with price of $15 and that's ok. But when he select that option $15 for 1 Week and click on Next on the page where he select payment method it says that he's paying $20 and not $15.

Are Renewal Terms deleted after some period of time (this payment was as I said before last year) or is something else problem?


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