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Rename linksSQL cgi-bin directory?

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Rename linksSQL cgi-bin directory?
 Hi all,

I'd like to change the name of the directory I've installed linksSQL into from lsqldev-2.1.2 to links. On my first attempt, I went into Setup | Path and URL Settings and changed everything, with update_others checked. I hit submit, and then went in and renamed the directory to links. Doing this, I could no longer log in to Admin, and was effectively locked out.

I uploaded an old ConfigData.pm file and renamed the folder back to be able to get back in...

What's the proper way of doing this?


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Re: [biketrials] Rename linksSQL cgi-bin directory? In reply to
You also have to update the paths at the top of the .cgi files, and a few .pm files I believe.

I was going to write a script that would allow you to rename your copy of Links SQL, or get all the permissions etc setup on a new server, and re-set the paths. This should hopefully become a reality within the next month or so Smile


Andy (mod)
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