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Removing page title from crumbs.

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Removing page title from crumbs.
I want to remove the last part of the title from all crumbs on my WAP installation for 2 reasons:

1. not essential and it takes up space
2. it uses the <span> tag.

I've found the coding to remove the <span> from the detailed page crumbs but not the category pages.

Is there a simple code I can insert when calling the Links::Utils::format_title and Links::Utils::paging tags that will remove the current page name?
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Re: [Alba] Removing page title from crumbs. In reply to
Currently, there's no way of doing this (well, there is, but it isn't pretty) other than overriding it with your own code, however, you should be able to remove the span tags by passing in the no_span option.