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Redesigning site, multiple versions possible?

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Redesigning site, multiple versions possible?
We are redesigning our site at the moment. Most of the redesign has taken place on our development server, but at some stage we would like to test the new site design on the live server with some trusted users. We can use the same database as the site changes are to the layout and HTML only.

I have tried to set up a separate hostname for the test site and duplicate the whole cgi-bin directory. This doesn't seem to work as changes made to the test domain paths and templates also occur on the main domain. I thought the settings were stored in the Data.pm file but obviously I am missing something important Unsure.

Would it be easier to just setup a separate template directory and then configure the test site to use that? We run a dynamic site with static URLs but I'm not sure if it's possible to pass the template via the mod_rewrite commands.

Any suggestions on how we can do this would be appreciated.
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Re: [aus_dave] Redesigning site, multiple versions possible? In reply to
Looks like it's started working as it was meant to...either some .htaccess rewrite issues or caching was at work I think.
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Re: [aus_dave] Redesigning site, multiple versions possible? In reply to

When doing a test site, I tend to set the site up on a new domain (for example, domain.com, but test it on domain.net).

On my GT server its even easier, as you can actually access on domain.com.nmsrv.com, so you don't even need to buy the domain <G>

Then, copy over, grep the files, and duplicate the DB - and you have a working copy of the site, but on a totally seperate site :)


Andy (mod)
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