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Recommend it Plugin

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Recommend it Plugin
Hi Everyone.
I have just installed Pugdogs Recommend it plugin version 2.1.00.
Its working okay, until I click the recommend link, Then I get this error:

Oops, we had the following problem:

Invalid id:

I just don't understand that, because in the link, there is an id:

e.g: http://www.ceruse.dk/...commend_it.cgi?ID=54,

and the link is also validated in my database...

Does anyone have an Idea what is wrong?

Bent Smile
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Re: [bannerzone] Recommend it Plugin In reply to

In your html, "id" has to be "ID" which is the name of the Links field. Perl/Unix is case sensitive.

Also, you have used Email for each of the fields, and I think you are supposed to use Email_1, Email_2, etc.

Check the sample HTML again, and make sure your fields/forms follow it.

this should fix it.

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