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navigation bars

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navigation bars
Is there a simple way of maintaining a left handside navigation bar without changing every single template. For instance just now if I wanted to change the colour of the navigation bar, I would have to go and edit every single template file that uses the Navigation bar.

Will this work:

See the way that it puts the header.txt in wherever it says <%%header%%> then will I be able to put a tag wherever I want my navigation bar like <%%navbar%%> and upload navbar.txt to the templates directory?

Thanks In Advance

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Re: navigation bars In reply to
You would use <%include navbar.txt%>

Then put your navbar html in navbar.txt.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: navigation bars In reply to
I do what Paul suggested on all my sites.

Every block on my page template is an include file -- the header, footer, advertising, navigation, left_side, right_side, search, etc. The only thing that is actually _on_ the template is the "main" area that makes that template "unique".

This is the best way to develop your site, so when you make a change it can be carried through. If you need different side bars or includes on dynamic pages (for targeted contact, for example) you can make two sets of each of the include files xxx_d.txt and xxx_s.txt for dynamic and static use. Very simple to organize template layouts and site upgrades.

The only other page I have a separate include set for is the Home page, but that is only because I wanted to. :) But you can divide the includes up into more groups, but then you start to lose the benefits of single-file edits to change the look of the whole site.

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