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Select Fields in Category

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Select Fields in Category
SQL 2.0.3

Is it possible to have drop down select fields on the home page for the Categories and subcats that visitors can choose from? I have about 10 major categories and 30 subcats under each. I would like to have a selct box for the Category and a select box for the subcats so that the vistor could choose the "Region" and the "Specialty" on the home page. They would then go directly to the link.


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This is something I suggested awhile back -- or is a logical extension of what I suggested for the add pages.

This would require the use of the java/javascript type boxes from the browser, where you select the parent category in the left-most box, and then the sub cats for that category would appear in the next most right box, etc. 3-levels seems to be all the depth that the average screen could hold, but it could be made to use the _SAME_ box, with two buttons underneath "up 1" and "go", so that you pick the category in that box, click [go] and you are presented with the subcategories in that category, etc, til you get to the links, when the "leaf-node" page is displayed.

I would love to have this -- I would love to do this. But I don't have the time to learn the javascript -- and there are plenty of people out there who do know javascript and could do this as a contribution. It's not hard... most of the code is in the browser-tree, and it would need to be modified to use a list/slection box.

Maybe whomever did the JS for Alex/GT could do this.

This would be a widely appreciated, well recieved mod!!

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