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Hello all,

I am just beginning to play with the new beta. Very impressed. Installation and importing went smoothly.

A question about the Dynamic feature: does it mean I don't need to use Build at all? If so, how do you redirect index.html to it, so when people go to the Links page root, page.cgi is used instead of index.html?


Jian Liu
Indiana University Libraries
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Re: Dynamic In reply to
If you want to do pure dynamic, you would have to redirect your root URL to trigger page.cgi. There are several ways to do it. Which is best, depends on your situation, and whether or not you have access to your server's configuration.

Some ISP's also have apache configured to look for

index.html index.htm index.shtml index.sht index.cgi

Which means that you might be able to set it up that way even if you don't have access to the server.

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