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JavaScript error in loading category browser

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JavaScript error in loading category browser

I installed Links SQL some times ago and it worked great. As I started today (admin area)
the category browser didn't load. Firefox's Java Script-Console said this:

Fehler: missing ) after condition
File: http://web...
Line: 688, Column: 20
if (Unknown Tag: 'is_rooted' && (node_id == 0)) {

That line is from the browser.html-File in the admin-Templates. I have neither changed anything in this file nor in browser.pm nor in any other file in this installation. I also compared the files with the code from another working Links-SQL-installation. The code is totally the same.

What can be wrong? And why does this happen so suddenly?

Thanks for helping.
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Re: [tga] JavaScript error in loading category browser In reply to

I made a new installation of Links SQL now and it worked.

Then I tried to put the old data of the database into it (by importing the old table structure and data) => it didn't work anymore.

I emptied the tables (but still had the old structure) => it didn't work.

I entered the setup of the admin-area and made all the tables new (had the origin LSQL structure) => it worked again.

That means, there was an error in the structure of my tables, which I took from the old (not working) installation.
The only thing I did with these tables was adding and deleting fields in the admin-area, nothing with sql etc.

It's okay, because it works now (I "only" have to input my old data manually now). But what's, when this happens again someday, when I have much more data in it??? Perhaps somebody can tell me, what was wrong...

Thanks, Tina