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Links SQL Admin - Browse selection not working

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Links SQL Admin - Browse selection not working
In Links SQL Admin, there is a selection at the top menu which says, "Browse", ie, Home, Browse, Database ...

When I click on "Browse", I'm taking to the "Browse:Home" page, but no categories display. I have all 300,000 plus categories of the dmoz. I've "repaired tables", still nothing. Of course I clicked on the "home" folder to open it up, but it shows nothing.

All categories are present as they display on the index page seen by visitors.

Any ideas?
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Re: [takacsj] Links SQL Admin - Browse selection not working In reply to
Take out international chars from category names, if you have any. I also had such problems, when I had international chars in Full_name column.
DirName converter plugin may help you in replacing strange chars.

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