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Can anyone help with this problem?

I have a category that is displaying updated next to it, none of the links in that category have updated next to them, updated should not be showing next to the category!

I tryed repair tables and that did not solve the problem.
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Re: [rascal] Updated In reply to
Looking at the code, the only way this could happen is if you have a link in the category that is set to isNew. Check that there aren't any links in that category that have isNew set to Yes.

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Re: [brewt] Updated In reply to

Found the problem, an expired link that was modified two days before it expired was causing the updated next to the category, I deleted the link and that took care of the problem.

My question is why was the updated flag next to the category still set after the link expired, and what really stumps me is why it did not also show next to the link.

The link was not set to isNew, if it was the isNew flag I would think would show.