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Is there a way to set framed_jump Yes/No per link.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [rascal] framed_jump In reply to
No, but you could write a plugin to temporarily turn framed jumps on and off depending on the id.

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Re: [rascal] framed_jump In reply to
If you have your config set to 'framed_jump' yes, to turn that off for a specific link you can add a field to the Links table "framed_jump"

You would need to edit jump.pm to read that field, and decide to display the "jump_frame" or a standard goto_url. Would be a simple "if" test in one of two places, or both.

That isn't hard to do, and it wouldn't put much extra overhead on the system, since the system does a select on the record anyway to get the URL.

This feature could also easily be built into GLinks, by adding the field "jump_framed" or such to the Link record, then allowing a $CFG parameter "Jump Framed" -> "All", "None", or "Per Link".

Jump.cgi would then check the $CFG parameter, and if "All" do a jump framed as now, if "None" ignore the framed jump as now, and if "Per Link" read the "framed_jump" field for that link and act on it.

It would also be something to consider tying into the PAYMENT ENABLED system, as getting rid of framed jumps would be a perk of paid listings. A paid up link would have "framed_Jump" set to no, and when expired, or free, that wou.d be set to "Yes".

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Re: [pugdog] framed_jump In reply to
Hi pugdog,

Thanks for the helpful response, I never thought about the payment system,
great idea!
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Re: [pugdog] framed_jump In reply to
Hi Pugdog

I need to pass variables into the url

I am having a problem adding this to the URL for my links

Here is my current URL

URL= http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-XXXXXX-10310121

When a user is logged in (all users must be logged in to use the site) i need to add this to the URL


in which the shopper ID is the username of the logged in user.

I still need the links to go through the jump.cgi because i am using the frame redirect
Jason Bishop