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"Forbids the use of Gossamer Links?"

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"Forbids the use of Gossamer Links?"
I was searching for sites using links and found ALOT of hosting services that "Forbid the use of Gossamer Links by any client" --- I've never had any problems. Any thought as to why they would put this in their TOS?

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Re: [markhe] "Forbids the use of Gossamer Links?" In reply to
haha, that's funny Tongue It looks as if these hosts have blindly copied the TOS from another, since if you look closely, it's pretty much the same TOS for all these sites. One host probably had a bad experience with it (someone sending out a lot of mass e-mails) and decided to not allow it on their servers.

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Re: [brewt] "Forbids the use of Gossamer Links?" In reply to

Ditto - think its more like their servers are crap too <G> (I had problems building static pages a while back on a shared server, even though it was only 30,000 pages). Turned out their machine had 256mb of ram, and was a 1.2Ghz - and they wondered why it made everyone else's site go slow Tongue


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