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remote search help

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remote search help

Installed the XMLResults plugin and verified that it gives the output to query with xml_feed=1&query=someterm passed to search.cgi

uploaded remote_search.cgi (correcting the r with } in last line) and also the search_results.html template on another domain.

However, no matter what i search, it always throws 1 on the rsults page.

Am i goofing anywhere?

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Re: [anup123] remote search help In reply to
unfortunately, i got same problemin linksql 2.20. any one has the fix?


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courierb: Oct 11, 2004, 7:33 AM
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Re: [courierb] remote search help In reply to
And we still continue to have the same problem.
Why i say we is that the Thread Starter is my boss who resigned from this forum out of sheer frustration due to neglect. Searching is such a pain when the Thread and all it's root is displayed in results. Imagine a search set of 10 threads with 20 Re's and you have 200 results which you lose count of ultimately while browsing a few.

We failed even after trying corrections to half uploaded scripts by Alex somewhere.

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Re: [HyperTherm] remote search help In reply to
i just download it from http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...ote%20search;#199494

I notice the last letter is r while it should be }?
the plugin installed is XMLResults. when i replace r with } , there is no error shows while
it returning 1 no mather what query string is .

sub parse_template {
# Simply parse the template and replace the link loop
my ($TEMPLATE,$loop) = @_;
(ref $loop eq 'ARRAY') || return;
my ($loop_content) = $TEMPLATE =~ /<%link_loop%>(.*?)<%end_loop%>/sm;
my $result;
foreach (@$loop) {
my $tmp = $loop_content;
$tmp =~ s/<%\s*(.*?)\s*%>/(exists $_->{$1})?$_->{$1}:'';/seg;
$result .= $tmp;
$TEMPLATE =~ s/(<%link_loop%>.*?<%end_loop%>)/$result/sm;
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Re: [courierb] remote search help In reply to
Yeah True, that correction was applied as was necessary since the posting on that url had incomplete one.

It's always a 1 in our case too and we have just dumped it for the time being as there are much nastier issues which need to be ironed out. For example, i had to remove the ACL for empty message id from the MTA conf file just to allow LinksSQL Mailings and Mails from any Third Party LSQL Plugins which do not have a Messge ID just because it depended on what GT has in the GT:Mail send call.

Since XML Search plugin is a Free Plugin I do not expect any proactive support from them. Might as well would uninstall that Plugin from the Plugin Area with a suggestion to GT that in the Downloads Area such Plugins should not be offered. Sorry but somehow i have not yet reached that stage where i can shout aloud loud that I am impressed :/