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search logging bug

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search logging bug
Hate to say I found another bug, but...
In the search logs, Count is not being written properly.

When I do a search for virgin text "some phrase", it sets Count to 2.
I search for "some phrase" again, it sets count to 3.
I search for "some phrase" yet again, it sets count to 5.

Bug or feature?

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Re: [rgbworld] search logging bug In reply to
See http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=280559

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Re: [brewt] search logging bug In reply to
That other thread talks about google ads.

I figured out what the problem is. The google adwords on the page is resulting in google making two extra requests on the page (I guess some verification).

Yes and the extra query logs could also depend upon the number of ad blocks placed. I found that for two ad blocks placed the search counter increments by four... and that happens only for the first time. Refreshing just increments by additional 1


That post does not offer any kind of solution. It still seems like a bug.
I do not have google ads. I had searchFeed installed, and uninstalled it, and still get the same erronious jumping counts.

I figured it out! This is pretty weird though...
I have Basic_Banner installed, and had only filled out the 1st banner info
Banner_1 - http://www.supportmusicians.com
Banner_1_Image - http://www.supportmusicians.com/static/terra/images/default.gif

All other fields (Banner_2 thru Banner_10) in the setup for Basic Banner were empty.
This was definitely the problem with 'count' jumping by more than 1 number in the logging for a single query.

The question is why would the log counter double because basic banner was missing an ad?
Basic_Banner and Search logging have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
This was affecting my plugin as it writes to the search log.
Filling in the empty fields in Basic_Banner setup fixed BOTH GT's search AND my plugin.
FYI, my plugin does not even hook into search at all.

No mods were made to Basic_Banner, and this is the code from my 'include_header.html'
<div id="header">
<div id="loginbar"><a href="<%config.db_cgi_url%>/user.cgi<%if user.Username%>?logout=1<%endif%>" class="<%if user.Username%>in<%else%>out<%endif%>"><%if user.Username%>Logout<%else%>Login/Register<%endif%></a></div>

<div id="float_java">

<div id="logo"><h1><a href="<%config.build_root_url%>"><%site_title%></a></h1></div>

Basic_Banner is a pretty simple plugin.
It should not be able to affect search logging by accident.

I give on this. I was just testing the logging feature of my plugin and have now spent a few hours on a counter problems.
definitely a bug somewhere that should be looked into.


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