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Integrating Movable Type and Links SQL

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Integrating Movable Type and Links SQL
I use both apps on my site and have started thinking about how to get them to play together, for example: putting the five most recent MT posts on a given topic on related LSQL pages. A lot of this is fairly easy, SSI-type stuff. But thinking ahead, I'd like to be able to integrate some of the more advanced functionality of the two as well.

At least from MT to LSQL, it's easy: Create a new MT template that has LSQL code on it, then have MT publish that template to an LSQL template directory, where it can be included on an LSQL page.

Has anybody else been playing with the two on a single site?
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Re: [agaffin] Integrating Movable Type and Links SQL In reply to
I would like to add Movable Type recent blogs onto the first page of a LinksSQL website.

Following the directions in agaffin's post I get stuck at the point where a single file has to be published from Movable Type to Links SQL. Movable Type allows for all of its files to be published to a particular folder the question is:

How do you publish one file from MT to a the templates folder in LinksSQL and do it after the file has compiled on MT?

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Re: [awhite] Integrating Movable Type and Links SQL In reply to
Hmm. I'd create a new MT template with an output path something like:


The template should have MT tags to create whatever data you want to appear on a Links page.

Republish the blog. You should now have a file in your templates directory that you can put on Links pages with a Links include tag.

Apologies, though, if I've completely misunderstood you.