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Remove category dependence

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Remove category dependence

I want to use Links without to add every Links in some category, but when I try to modify the link from admin menu the message is: You did not specify a category for this link.

Haw to Remove category dependence?
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Re: [Troja] Remove category dependence In reply to
Why would you want to post a link without category?

EDIT: You don't want categories at all? Why? You want free for all links?
Category basic part of LSQL, and is always required, so the only solution is to submit a category as hidden field, so user does not need interaction for category.
Other solution would be to set Full_Name, Name fields Not Null to NO, but it's 100% that will not work for category fields, since categories are basic part of LSQL, so several checks are done internally to make sure that category is in correct format.

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Re: [Troja] Remove category dependence In reply to
You need to add it into a category. If you don't want to have to manually select one then just add a hidden field and have evey link go into a default category.